Applied Thermodynamics
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Applied Thermodynamics
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               We provide Design and Consulting Services.

Our Expertise is concentrated in the areas of Thermodynamics and Dynamics
such as Heat Exchangers, Heat Pipes, Thermoelectric heating cooling and power
generation, Heat Engines, and System Condition Monitoring and early Failure Detection.

We advocate the use of Green Energy and Renewables.
      All of our Designs are Green!

     We use products and custom designs like these in new
     and creative ways to accomplish your purposes.

     Often we can innovate in ways that Increase efficiency,
     effectiveness and control costs. Frequently we can create
     valuable Intellectual Property for our clients.

      Heat Engines running on low temperature waste heat are a particular
      specialty of ours.
      In condition monitoring we specialize in using
      the latest vibration analysis sensors, thermal sensors,
      acoustic sensors, software and analysis to detect and
      predict incipient failures in rotating machinery.


  High Efficiency Heat Exchangers

  Low Loss Heat  Exchangers

  Thermodynamic Process Design

  Waste Heat Recovery

  Heat Engine

  Close Approach Heat Exchangers

  Refrigeration Systems


   Heat Pumps

   Heat Recovery

  Low Temperature Generators


   Renewable Energy Systems

   Condition Monitoring

   Thermoelectric Modules

    Stirling Engine